Fender Covers

Fender Covers to Dress Up and Protect Your Boat

For your Boat Quality and Elegance, 100% Durability.

Our fleece boat fender covers are an excellent solution for protecting your boat's topsides while enhancing its appearance. They are made of heavy loft fabric that provides superior abrasion resistance and eliminates the need for "scrubbing" with plastic or rubber fenders. The fabric also helps to prevent annoying squeaking when rafting up. The Polartec material used in these fender covers is durable and long lasting, making them an excellent choice for boats with awl-gripped hulls


  • A world-leading brand in fender coverings

  • 100% stretching polyester

  • Washable at 60 degrees in the washing machine

  • Unique with the self-locking device that prevents loss and simplifies the installation

  • High abrasion resistance, color solidity

  • Avoid the creaking

  • Unique full coverage for spherical models

  • Adopted by the main shipyards

Custom boat fender covers
It can be designed with grommets and drawstrings at the bottom. It is important to tie the knot in the line above the fender and above the cover to prevent it from pulling against the grommet and causing damage. The fabric used in these fender covers may be sun-sensitive and fade over time, but this does not affect the durability of the Polartec® material.