Deck Mop

The best chamois mop you'll ever own!

PVA chamois mop is made from Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) material known for its high absorbency and strength. This type of mop may perform better than traditional chamois mops and have a longer lifespan as it is resistant to mold and mildew.

Dry your boat quickly with this efficient chamois mop! Made with tough synthetic strips, this mop will work harder so you don't have to

Our mop is specifically designed for cleaning boat decks and other marine surfaces. The mop is made with a durable, marine-grade material that can withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment. 

It also features a unique design that allows for easy wringing and rinsing, making cleaning more efficient and effective. Overall, our mop is a high-quality tool that is well-suited for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of boats and other marine surfaces.

Ultra Chamois Mop Head

Speed dry decks and other marine surfaces with this mop featuring extra-wide (15"L x 2 1/2a" W) synthetic chamois strips that quickly absorb maximum amounts of water to dry boats.   

Key features 

    • Use to speed dry decks and other marine surfaces
    • Extra-wide synthetic chamois strips maximize water absorption; Fits all West Marine handles
    • Fast drying Chamois Mop
    • Super absorbent synthetic chamois makes cleaning decks and floors easy.

Synthetic Chamois Mop

These oversized, high-quality mops feature the Shur-Lok quick-release adapter. Cotton String Mop is an all-purpose mop. Synthetic Soft Mop is super absorbent. Deluxe “Water Sprite” also features super-absorbent strips.

Key features 

    • Oversized mops with the Shur-Lok quick-release adapter

    • Cotton String Mop is for all-purpose use; Synthetic Soft Mop is super absorbent and the Super Floor Mop wrings out easily

    • Fast drying Chamois Mop

    • Wide strips of synthetic chamois.

Aquazorber™ Drying Mop

Aquazorber™ mop made with SM Arnold Dragon Glide™ fabric is designed for drying decks, painted and fiberglass surfaces quickly and easily. Material is not affected by mold, mildew, cleaning chemicals or fuel. 


    • Absorbs 5x its weight in liquid

    • Uni-Snap

    • Durable, premium quality dragon glide™ material and construction

    • Not effected by mold, mildew, fuel or household chemicals

    • Lint-free won't strip wax or damage finishes