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We are one of the  loyal marine retailers . We distribute a broad selection of marine accessories and products from over 100 major marine vendors.

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Instead of purchasing the marine equipment to pass the boat inspection. Knowing what you’re buying and how to use them in an emergency is essential. We’ll go through what a boater should take note of regarding some of the safety equipment.

VHF Radio

In the case of loss of power onboard during an emergency, it would be advisable for your handheld or fixed-mount VHF radio to have an emergency battery.

Fire Extinguishers 

Fire extinguishers on board should be of the correct class and volume correctly sized. We highly recommend every boater learn & commit to memory, the classes, and the fire extinguisher usage.

Navigation Lights

Sailing at night? Ensure that your navigation lights are working. It is not required for smaller vessels like dinghies, but we highly recommend having them onboard.

Life Jacket

Lifejackets need to be maintained and serviced at regular intervals. Most non-inflatable life jackets are one-size-fits-all, but inflatable jackets do come in different sizes. Boaters often need to pay more attention to this. Finding out that fits are important.

Navigation & GPS

Ensure your Electronic Navigation Positioning System GPS is working and is showing AIS information correctly.

Life Buoy

A buoyant lifeline & water-activated light should be attached securely to lifebuoys so they can be used instantly in an emergency.


An anchor can be a lifesaver in an emergency; ensure you can deploy your anchor safely and securely.

Red Hand Flares

Ensure that the hand flares on board your boat are not expired or damaged. Always keep them in a water-tight container.