EPIFANES PP Varnish Extra, 2 Liter Kit

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    PP Varnish Extra dries fast—which helps you to quickly get the job done.

    Combining excellent impact and abrasion resistance with a short drying time between coats, PP Varnish Extra is a great choice where multiple coats are desired in a short period of time. PP Varnish can be applied on all types of interior and exterior wood as an insulation coat, sealer, or filling coat for one- or two-component or synthetic varnish systems. For maximum resistance to UV light, topcoat with one or more coats of Epifanes Clear Varnish or Wood Finish Gloss. Two-liter (2.12qt.) kit.

    Key Features

    • Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
    • Can be recoated in as little as three hours for fast job turnaround time
    • Recommended for base coats under other one- or two-part varnishes
    • For all types of interior and exterior wood


    • Recommended Usage: Use where high build desired in short time; Interior or exterior use on all types of wood as insulation, sealing or filling coat
    • Formulation: Two-part alkyd resin/isocyanate
    • Additives: UV inhibitors
    • Application Methods: Brush, roll or spray
    • Drying Time: Tack free: 3hrs.; To overcoat: 3hrs. (spray); 5hrs. (brush) @ 65°F
    • Color: Light amber
    • Finish: High gloss
    • Coverage: 300sq.ft./2L kit
    • Thinner: TPPX.1000 

    More Information

    For detailed application instructions, see the Epifanes PP Varnish Extra Data Sheet. NOTE: Manufacturer data sheets are subject to revision. Linked data sheets are believed to be accurate at the time of publication.