FLIR M617CS Long Range High Resolution Thermal Camera System with Gyro-Stablization and Color Camera

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High-resolution images, a color low-light visible light camera, gyro-stabilization plus 4-power optical zoom and joystick control unit. 

FLIR's M-617CS Thermal/Visible Stabilized Camera comes with standard gyro-stabilization and a high resolution 640 x 512-pixel thermal imager for night or day detection and viewing of other vessels, navigation aids, hazards and more. The M-617CS is engineered for extreme long range performance with its advanced optics and narrow 17° x 13° field of view. It is also fitted with a high-resolution color lowlight visible camera with powerful 36x optical zoom.

Next-gen optics: The M-617CS is equipped with long range, latest generation optics and FLIR's new Tau 2 thermal core, giving it exceptional detail and sensitivity. It even features a new 4X continuous electronic zoom which allows you to enlarge distant objects for easier identification. Its high-resolution thermal core offers longer range detection, improved visual detail, and enhanced contrast and clarity over the standard 336 x 256 resolution models.

Visible-light color camera with 36-power optical zoom: M-617CS' second payload consists of a high-resolution color camera with low-light capability and a powerful 36x optical zoom. Use the color camera during the day, or into the night for stunning visuals of objects at short or long ranges. The visible light camera make identifying objects easy. It also enables you to easily read navigational signage, vessel names and other features not visible to the thermal camera.

Gyro-stabilized: Rough seas are no problem for the M-617CS because it features standard 2-axis gyro-stabilization. Even when fully zoomed in on a distant target with either camera, the image remains stable and immune to the effects of rough seas and vessel motion.

Joystick Control Unit: The M-617CS includes the FLIR JCU1 Joystick Control Unit. The joystick enables you to control the cameras pan, tilt and zoom and allows access to change color palettes, operating modes, and all the camera’s extended features and capabilities. The M-617CS can also be viewed and controlled directly from the thermal camera app on many leading multi-function displays from manufacturers like Raymarine, Furuno, Garmin and Simrad.

Dual composite outputs: M-617CS has a dual composite video outputs for easy viewing on most marine monitors, televisions or multifunction displays. Output #1 is locked to the thermal camera only, while output #2 is selectable between the thermal camera or color visible camera system. This provides added flexibility when connecting the system to your boat’s monitors or MFDs for viewing.

Key Features

  • Next generation thermal core and optics
  • Color lowlight camera with 36x optical zoom
  • See an overboard person in the water up to 4,900' away
  • See a small vessel up to 2.1 nautical miles away
  • 2-axis gyro-stabilization
  • 640 x 512-pixel resolution
  • 17° x 13° Field of View for extended range performance
  • 4X continuous electronic thermal zoom
  • Dual analog composite video outputs
  • FLIR Joystick Control Unit (JCU1) included
  • Ball up or ball down mounting


  • IP "plug and play" compatibility Current Raymarine MFDs* with a LightHouse II v.19 software upgrade or the new AXIOM displays (Current MFDs: aSeries, cSeries, eSeries, eS Series, gS Series and AXIOM)
  • Garmin:  The following Garmin MFDs are supported for all FLIR integration (control and viewing) with software upgrade to version 10.0: GPSMap 84xx/86xx series (both Garmin and Volvo), GPSMap 74xx/76xx series (both Garmin and Volvo), GPSMap 10x2/12x2 series, GPSMap 7x2/9x2 series, GPSMap 8k (this includes 80xx, 85xx, both Garmin and Volvo), Yamaha CL7. 

Note:  The Garmin Power over Ethernet (PoE) isolation coupler (Model 16361800, Garmin part number 010-10580-10) is required for all installations when connecting non-Garmin equipment to the Garmin marine Ethernet connection. This is required whether or not those devices use PoE.

What's in the Box 

  • Pan/tilt camera unit
  • Joystick control unit (JCU) and JCU cover
  • 7.7 meter (25') F-type to BNC video cable
  • 7.7 meter (25') double-shielded Ethernet cable
  • Weather-tight Ethernet coupler
  • Four (4) noise suppression ferrites

M-Series Operator’s Manual

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