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R&D Engine Mounts are designed to withstand the rigors of marine applications. The mounts are shear loaded to provide stiff resistance fore and aft to absorb forward and reverse propeller thrust. In addition, they are soft vertically and laterally to isolate drive train vibrations from the hull. To help increase the longevity of the mounts, all steel parts are passivated and zinc plated to limit corrosion. The rubber element is covered by an oil shield to protect it from petroleum based products. R&D mounts are preloaded based on the combined engine and transmission weight to limit engine movement.

  • Mounts are height adjusting
  • Mounting holes in the base of the mount are slotted to assist in alignment of the drive train
  • They are easy to install, with sizes fitting most applications

Yanmar diesel mounts fit the following engines:

  • 800-010Y fits: 3JH
  • 800-011Y fits: 4JH
  • 800-037Y fits: 1GM, 2 & 3GM, 3YM, 3HM, 2QM15, 2QM20