SHELL 15W-40 Rotella T4 Triple Protection Motor Oil, Gallon

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    Shell Rotella® Triple Protection is suitable for a wide range of heavy duty engine applications.

    Rotella® T4 with Triple Protection™ technology, features an improved formulation designed to meet the new API CJ-4 service category for heavy-duty diesel engine oils. Provides significantly lower wear, exceptional deposit control and engine cleanliness for both pre-2007 engines and the latest performance and emissions systems technology found on new engines.

    Key Features

    • Offers improved resistance to oil breakdown under high temperatures
    • Designed to effectively sustain emissions control system durability where diesel particulate filters and after-treatment systems are used
    • Offers enhanced protection against viscosity loss due to shear
    • Low-ash formulation helps protect the exhaust catalysts and diesel particulate filters
    • Resists oxidation up to 50% longer than the previous generation of Shell Rotella® T
    • Meets API CJ-4 service category for heavy-duty diesel engine oils