TEF Gel Corrosion Eliminator and Anti-Seize Lubricant, 2 OZ.

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250.00 AED

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    Eliminate corrosion between dissimilar metals and seizing of marine hardware with Tef-Gel.

    Prevent water intrusion around fasteners and closely bedded hardware with this synthetic based PTFE waterproof lubricant with anti-corrosion and anti-seize properties. Especially useful for preventing galvanic corrosion and seizing of stainless steel screws used to mount hardware to aluminum surfaces. A little bit goes a long way.

    Key features 

    • Specially formulated Teflon® paste
    • Eliminates corrosion between dissimilar metals
    • Acts as an anti seize lubricant
    • Prevents seizing of marine hardware 
    • Stops corrosion of electrical connectors