TideMinders Mooring Line Height Adjuster

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    TideMinders protect dock lines against fouling and chafing when looped over a piling.

    Mooring your boat to a piling is a challenge, as you need to adjust the line, raising or lowering it with the rise and fall of the tide. There's potential danger, as a stuck dock line can potentially capsize or sink your boat in a dramatic tide change.

    TideMinders solve these problems. A string of nine 3" diameter by 2 3/4" long, UV-stabilized polyethylene balls will accept dock lines as large as 1". The nine balls ride easily up and down the piling, so your boat rides easily at its mooring.

    Key Features

    • Protect your boat from rising water level
    • Protect your dock line from chafing against the piling, or from fouling it, with the potential to damage your boat
    • TideMinder balls move up and down, they provide constant even tension and absorb shocks
    • Installation requires only your dock line (sold separately) and the ability to tie two figure eight knots
    • Installed without any tools required, and one set of TideMinders fits any size of piling
    • Highly durable and protected by a ten-year warranty