TURNING POINT PROPELLERS 14 1/4" x 17" Hustler LE-1417 3-Blade, RH, Aluminum Propeller

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    Turning Point Hustler® aluminum propellers deliver stainless steel performance at aluminum prices.

    Boasting the same race-proven geometry as Turning Point’s stainless steel propellers, Turning Point Hustler aluminum propellers resist blade flex to deliver both improved fuel economy and performance. Under acceleration, tuned exhaust vents in the prop barrel reduce water density around the blades to produce faster hole shots and higher horsepower. Hustler aluminum propellers are protected by a five step powder-coated finish. Hubs and propellers are sold separately. 

    Hustler propellers are squeeze cast for added strength and performance.

    All Turning Point aluminum propellers are squeeze cast for superior strength and resistance to power-robbing flex. This exclusive manufacturing process virtually eliminates voids, pockets and air bubbles within the propeller material, creating a much tighter grain structure than is possible in a conventional die-cast process. The tighter grain structure and increased density of the squeeze cast process allows a thinner blade that combines aggressively designed cupping and trailing edges for reduced prop slide and blow out in turns while maximizing top speed and fuel economy.

    Key Features of Turning Point Hustler Propellers

    • Stainless steel performance at aluminum prices
    • Prop blades resist flex for improved fuel economy and performance
    • Tuned exhaust vents improve hole shot
    • Squeeze casting adds strength, boosts performance and makes repair easier
    • Protected by five-step powder-coated finish
    • Hubs and propellers sold separately

    The Turning Point Hub System

    Upgrading to the best possible prop for your boat has never been easier than with Turning Point’s innovative hub kit system. Glass-reinforced polymer hub construction eliminates vibration and chatter while reducing gear shock and potential engine drive damage. A series of broad application hub designs easily interchange with virtually all original equipment propellers, decreasing replacement costs and increasing your available prop selection so that you can tailor your prop’s pitch to exactly how you use your boat. See our selection of Turning Point Hub Kits.

    Key Features for Hubs (Sold separately)

    • Saves up to 30% when purchasing a replacement prop
    • Glass reinforced construction eliminates vibration and chatter
    • Reduce chance of damage to drive train or engine in the event of a prop strike
    • Eliminate spun hubs
    • End hub cracking
    • Easily interchange with virtually all OEM propellers
    • Increases available prop selection to better match boat's needs